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Newray Medicals
Newray Medicals
Corporate Responsibility

NewRay Medicals is the leading manufacturer of Surgical products in India.
With the Manufacturing we at NewRay are quite aware of our social and environmental responsibility.

  1. Effluent water discharge facility, we have a proper effluent discharge water facility by putting them into tankers and then divert it to plant where the water will be recycled.

  2. Supply Chain & Packing Material, We take utmost care in selecting our suppliers and printing of packing materials by reducing amount of packing material and using environment friendly colors in packing materials.

  3. Reduce Wastage, The company has adopted policy to reduce wastage every year by certain a , and to dispose the wastage in a proper way.

Social Responsibility:

  • Workers Room : There are few rooms available at the plant to support any emergency occurred during manufacturing. These rooms are free for all workers to use and during the training period they can stay at the facility at highly subsidized rate.

  • Every year substantial amount of bandages are donated to charitable trust and hospitals to help the needy people in their surgeries.


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